jeudi 23 septembre 2010

La crise de Facebook en direct sur Twitter

15h30 env fb est down ???

15h36 ... je pensais que mashable était pour me dire quelque chose de plus intelligent que ce que j'avais écrit... mais coup dont on sait pas ce qui ce passe encore...

15h40 vu  sur twitter Who will water the Farmville crops?

15h43 sur twitter Suddenly the productivity of the entire US rises by nearly 150%.

15h44 sur twitter  Is taking Facebook offline part of Zuckerburg's plan to help bolster education?

15h46 So, if I want to know what my friends are doing now I have to actually CALL or SEE them? This is so old school...

15h48 Somebody get it some Viagra i.v. to get it back up :)

15h49 Al fin te caiste (?) (C'est la fin du monde ?)

15h55 #facebookdown صلحوا الفيس بوك
15h59  Фейсбук помер. Люди тепер знову дзвонять один одному, розмовляють, а продуктивність в світі одразу зросла до 452%.   #FacebookDown

15h59  Un minuto de silencio por todas las frutitas que no seran cosechadas // Y por vacas que no serán ordeñadas.

16h04 Yes.. finally i can be the first one oh no how are well all going to find dates for tonight...haha dont deny it, "poke"

16h10 "Who wants a Facebook phone now?" 

16h13 Has Justin Timberlake hacked Facebook as a promo for "The Social Network"?

16h16 hmm, I think I"ll check out that thing

16h19 facebooooooooook >.<

16h20.... 30 twitt facebookdown à la seconde !!!!!


::: What's On Your Mind?

16h34 Il vient de se réveiller Que paso con facebook
16h39 Sorry...My first crisis... not nice!
16h42 -> HELP HELP -> dependant wants to chat ....

16h44 :Facebook tells us that, “We’re currently experiencing some site issues causing Facebook to be slow or unavailable for some users. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. This is unrelated to yesterday’s outage.”  on mashable EN FRANCAIS... C'EST PAS LE MEME BOG QU'HIER ET ILS CONTINUENT DE TRAVAILLER FORT

16h49 on twitter Cancer inexplicably and suddenly cured.

16h51 Millions of mothers lose ability to monitor childrens' "recreational" pot use.


Est-ce que la police débarque chez moi si je met une rançon sur le déboguage de ?

17h02 means 19 year old college losers will have to look at real porn for the next few hours.


17h14 J'accuse @xxxxxxx d'avoir tué Facebook avec le Candlestick dans le Library.

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